A fitness enthusiast, Aman Kant aspired to bulk up, just like every 20-year-old kid-in-the-bloc. Hoping on the fitness bandwagon, he decided to take the next logical step was obtaining a membership to the nearest gymnasium. He shares his complicated relationship with protein shakes.

Back when I was aspiring to become the Indian Thor, my trainer introduced me to powdered gold. I was unaware at the time, but most body-builders and gym-goers use protein powder in order to consume higher levels of protein, thus enhancing muscle growth. I was sold immediately

“A way to grow bigger muscles faster and more efficiently”. I lived with the delusion that the protein shake would transform me into the Indian Thor but alas, to no avail.

In retrospect, I’m glad I left protein shake a year ago. Not only was each jug of protein powder $70+, it also began to harm my overall health. I began to break out with pimples all over my face and body. At first, I thought it was a temporary side effect and also thought the hot and humid conditions of Delhi contributed to my condition.

However, the acne continued to persist. After reading and consulting other gym-goers, I learnt the Whey Protein in the protein powder causes heavy acne. Additionally, while I could physically see the side effects, I also learnt that there are negative side effects inside my body. Whey protein over a stretched period of time is harmful towards the kidneys. In short, your kidneys are meant to filter the waste in your body. Whey Protein puts extra stress on the kidney and could result in the creation of kidney stones and damage.

I did see positive results from taking the protein shake and I am happy that I opted to do so. Protein powder definitely propelled my progress. Having said that, I am happy that I did stop consuming it. Not only is my skin better, but in a life with so many nutritional complications, I would prefer not to choose to add to them.

Now, to get my protein, I eat 5-7 boiled eggs with my dinner and consume more protein throughout the day. It does take more time to gain muscle mass in this way, but it’s healthier in my opinion.

By Aman Kant