Our Mental Health essentially comprises of our emotional, psychological and
social wellbeing. It determines a variety of things in our life including our
reactions to situations, levels of stress or how we think and feel about our day to
day affairs. It is as important for us to pay due attention to our emotional health
just as we pay to our physical wellbeing.

Our mental health is affected by a diverse range of factors which may be
biological like our genes or brain chemistry. Other factors like life experiences,
extreme abuse or trauma due to accidents also significantly impacts our mental

People often ignore their mental health which goes on to negatively affect their
physical wellbeing, interpersonal relationships and professional lives. It is
important to pay heed to following points as they may be warning signs to mental
health issues.

  • Disturbed sleeping patterns, sleeping too much or inability to sleep
    peacefully at a stretch. 
  • A change in eating habits, binge eating or recurrently skipping meals.
  • Smoking, drinking or taking drugs to relieve stress or taking sleeping pills. 
  • Extreme mood swings that often cause fights with friends and family. 
  • Inability to perform daily chores like going to work, cooking, bathing etc.
    If you feel that you are facing mental health issues then it is important that you
    make it a priority to work on it and seek medical help if required. Here are some
    things that can help you on your journey to better mental health. 
  • Practice Meditation or Yoga: It will not only help you to relax and let go of
    your tensions and anxieties but will have a positive impact on your
    professional life as well. 
  • Limiting Social Media: Excessive use of social media often results in people
    feeling stressed and depressed. Reading, going for dance or cooking classes
    instead of spending time on Instagram and Facebook will significantly help
    you in feeling better about yourself. 
  • Stay Fit: Going for a morning run, eating healthy and exercising daily not
    only helps release good hormones that prevent depression but also boosts
    energy and confidence. 

    By Saloni Sethi