For someone who has seen the weighing scale oscillate both the ends, Aditya Choudhary has quite a roller coaster of a journey.

An advocate of a healthy lifestyle, Aditya’s tale has it all – The ups & downs,  the gains & the extra pounds.

From being a pencil-thin teenager to a buffed-up dude, Aditya has seen it all. He shares his tale with utmost honesty & the will to inspire others.

I had been there before – the illustrious side of being fit and being in proper shape but then I let it all slip away,

3 years of continuous alcohol abuse had left my mental & physical state in a miserable state. I had lost grip & couldn’t keep a tab on my health. The thrill of alcohol consumption had short-term benefits but then I was too short-sighted to notice that. It all seemed lucrative until one fateful day. I looked hard in the mirror, and my face looked bloated, I could suddenly sense insecurity prevailing and my confidence levels began to drop. Sooner than later, I had the realisation that my productivity had begun to decline and I was looking started looking 10 years older than my actual age. Hand to god, 10 years older!.

One does not need a catastrophe to gauge the magnitude of his suffering. Its the smallest of the things that make the big difference. Soon, the after effects of my ill-habits & unhealthy lifestyle began to show. One fine day whilst I was headed back home, I realised that simply climbing a fleet of stairs left me gasping for breath, 3 floors left me devastated, miserable and in a state of self-pity. That was my moment of change, What followed was a journey to make myself fitter & healthier than before.

I had to mend my ways and I did. I picked up long-distance running, to begin with. After a couple of runs I realised I am good at it and decided on completing 100 km in total distance in a month. For this, I had to run 18 km in a single run on the last day and I did it. Later, I took up Kris Gethin’s 12 weeks to Muscle building program. 12 weeks of 4000+ calorie diet and scary workout sessions left me gaining 8 kg of weight(muscle mainly). Post which I took a break for 2 weeks during which I took a trip, partied with friends almost daily and visited my family. I was fit now, performance wise, but the excess fat continued to bug me.

So I changed everything I was doing earlier with my workouts. 3 day a week full body weight training, 2 days a week long distance runs and 1 day hitting the waters for a 30 min swim was my life then. I had reduced my calorie intake to 1800 calories and man it was worth it. 2 months passed by, the results were amazing. My body fat% was down from 22% to 17%. This was again followed by a 2-week break followed up by a strength building program by Jim Stoppani. I am just done with this program and am now planning to try intermittent fasting and callisthenics.

Over the last 6 months, I realised that being fit doesn’t necessarily mean punishing yourself with a very strict routine, tasteless food and the monotony of a strenuous routine. One can keep it entertaining by adopting different forms of training, and mix them up. These could include – running to cycling, weightlifting to callisthenics or H.I.I.T to Yoga. There are so many ways to make your diet healthier and tastier. Lastly, there is always some room to cheat, unless you are competing at a national level/international level. In fact, I am a firm believer of the process of creating a reward mechanism in which you work hard for a couple of weeks (6 in my case) and then reward yourself with a week of party/travel/whatever you want to indulge in. But in those 6 weeks, I make sure I make minimum compromises possible.

He has seen it all, and all that he has to say for his fitness transformation tale is, “It doesn’t need to be boring.”

By Aditya Choudhary