A baker whose imagination knows no boundaries,  Sonal Khurana has won everybody’s awes & earned her unparalleled fame. Having baked for labels as big as Kate Spades to having been featured by ‘Punjab Kesari”, Sonal Khurana has earned her repute, one cake at a time.

A seasoned baker at Indulge by InnerChef, Sonal is a foodie by nature and also has a sweet tooth. She certainly is a force to reckon with – Not just for the eye-popping & mouth-watering delicacies that she bakes but also for her inspiring fitness tale.

The tale of how a true blue Punjabi foodie transformed herself is truly inspirational. Sonal’s fat-loss journey saw its first chapter when her close friend consciously lost the extra kilos and won her amazement. An inspired Sonal challenged herself to emulate the same feat, to become an inspirational figure for others.

Improper eating habits throughout her childhood had made her fall prey to the comfort of unhealthy food. From gorging on Punjabi delights such as butter chicken to red meat to greasy Chinese food, Sonal’s diet was exemplary, for all the wrong reasons. Her career as a baker didn’t really help in her fight against fat-loss either. But all this needed to stop! Sonal decided to adopt the 80/20 rule diet, as prescribed by her trainer.

The 80/20 rule is a flexible approach to weight loss. It’s more than a diet, it’s an approach to healthy eating teaching you balance, moderation and indulging without a guilty feeling. Here, in order to gain health benefits, you don’t always have to make 100% healthy food choices. 80% is enough. The remaining 20% you can choose less healthy food and indulge yourself. 

A disciplined & regular fitness regime under the guidance of her trainer helped her speed up her fat-loss journey. She experimented with physical exercises on the lines of Zumba, Yoga, cardio-based exercises and weight training. She tried them all and struck the right chord with weight training as it gave her a sense of achievement. Exercising gave her an edge over her complacent foodie habits, and overcoming them gave her a sense of satisfaction.

A determined mindset & positive attitude can move mountains. Sonal’s hard work & persistence was the bedrock of her inspirational fitness journey. She gave it her heart & soul, just the way she gives it to her passion of baking.

By Anirudh Kacker