A melting pot of diverse cultures and traditions, Bangalore is constantly pushing the boundaries of urbanization, and on the other hand, age old traditional art forms are still held close to the heart.

History is the new cool on Bangalore ’s culinary landscape. Like Facebook’s timelines make virtual memories, foodies in Bangalore can now travel in time to create culinary memories. REWIND menus, celebrating an exemplary date or food that was popular back in the day is the new trend circuiting some of city’s iconic restaurants.

Legacies work successfully in the competitive food market of Bangalore. The idea is to introduce the menu to the old customer and educate the new about the legendary food of yester-years.The rewind menu in Bangalore allows diners to indulge in dishes from their 90s menu. 

From molecular gastronomy to reinventing cuisines -food has changed enormously. At Healthie, we are not far behind either. We have jumped onto this REWIND bandwagon too.

Taking a leaf out of the timeless cook-books, Healthie has picked up & re-invented the best from the lot. Healthie has given a nutritious touch to the conventional Dosa & Idlis. Using the likes of hearty oats, ravishing ragi, and sparkling spinach as the base ingredients, Healthie has re-invented the classic South Indian delights with a healthy spin. An unconventional approach to the conventional delicacies is the X-factor that makes Healthie the best health food delivery platform in Bangalore.

What’s more? Your favourite healthy south Indian meals are delivered in vibrant packaging which makes it convenient for you to carry & eat. A culinary delight, Healthie meals strike the right balance between good taste & good health.  The unconventional Black rice, and nutritious Brown rice, along the likes of Ragi Masala Dosa, Veggie Idlis, Beetroot Idlis, and the works served with satiating sambhar, coconut & tomato chutneys will definitely take your taste buds on a joy-ride. Healthie has delightfully gone back to the roots of our culinary heritage, and returned with the best South Indian delights with a healthy twist. 

It’s a pleasant experience to explore what was considered hip food back when we were kids and ate food for food’s sake. Now we can appreciate it. It’s the new level in experiential dining, with a healthy twist!

By Sharanya Santhanam