I’m on the highway to smell!

Sitting in your balcony on a chilly Sunday afternoon during late October. All you can do is think about the fragrant spices making their way on the highway from your sweet mum’s kitchen right to your nostrils. You know it’s going to be something drool-worthy, piping hot and tummy filling. That is the power of ‘Comfort Food’. You haven’t seen it, but just by imagining it, you feel the nostalgia.

‘Comfort’ or ‘Convenience’ food is often characterized by the distinct pleasure it gives you and the ease of its availability. Sometimes you just need a break from the tedious diet prepared by the expert nutritionist, or by watching a hundred YouTube videos. Sometimes all you need is a hearty dose of the piquant medicine.

The Emotional Berth

It should be noted that comfort foods can be classified into the following –

  • Nostalgic: Conjure up a memory of a time, place, or event from the past
  • Indulgent: Characteristics of a reward, for example, a chocolate, a pastry, etc. Associated with high sugar composition, and often fatty.
  • Convenience: Minimal preparation or none at all. ‘Packet-to-plate’-ish foods
  • Physical Comfort: Bring comfort physically, like a cold soda pop in the summers or a hot chocolate in the winters.

Seismic grumbles

Comfort food is seen as a go to all around the world whenever one is feeling down and needs that dopamine to get himself going, and you know what? There’s always the option to go ‘Healthie’, even with comfort food. Lord is witness, living in India, how many times we have devoured homemade Rajma Chawal.

Similarly, each country has its own rack of comfort foods. A few wholesome variations of them are–

  • United States: Slow cooker succotash – fibrous & source of minerals
  • Britain: Bangers and Mash, & Baked Beans – both protein packed
  • Italy: Spaghetti Aglio E Olio with durum wheat pasta. Durum Wheat is rich in protein
  • Japan: Sushi! Good source of heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids & low in calories

This is an inexhaustive list and if you count, in India itself, you’ll find such a surfeit of these delicacies that the number might even surpass the plastic bags in your store room.

Our favorite from the Healthie store is the Beetroot Parantha, and it’s as exciting as it sounds! Served with Palak Chicken, Yogurt and Onion Salsa, the comfort that you oh so crave is promised. Do try it by clicking on the photo, and tell us what you think about it!

Beet your Snacking cravings with Healthie

Excess of everything is bad, yet you can’t disregard the fact that the intake of comfort foods brings lots of joys. After all, your body needs a mix of healthy and well, tasty yet healthy foods. So go out. Have a cheat meal. Or two, but with the goodness of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Do give your body a break once in a while.

By Karan Khanna