For a 24-year-old graphic designer working in a leading advertising agency, Aditya was living the dream. Working under the guidance of his abled mentor, he was mastering the tricks of the trade. His current employment was what he had pictured during his graduation days. He certainly couldn’t have been happier. Life was smooth sailing for him until one fateful day.

He was assigned the creative responsibilities of the biggest client of the agency that he was working in. It was the break that Aditya had been waiting for. He was excited about the project & was aware of the responsibility that he was shouldering for the agency. His senior directed him at the onset of the task and set up a team for him to spearhead.

Aditya & his team was briefed about the marketing campaign for the client company. The client for whom Aditya’s team was working was one of their oldest clients. The responsibility was humongous, but not something that Aditya would shy away from. Aditya called his team members and instructed them about the creative responsibility of one of the firm’s oldest client. Post an intensive brainstorming session, the marketing strategy was devised by the team. Aditya shared the strategy with his senior, and post the senior’s approval, work on the same campaign commenced. Aditya glued himself to his system & began working on the project with utmost dedication. Belting out awe-inspiring creatives and head-turning content, Aditya & his team worked their heart out. The team worked day in & day out to win laurels for their agency on this project. A month’s hard work seemed to have finally paid off. 

Aditya’s senior was satisfied with his efforts & the overall layout of the brand campaign presented by his team. The creative director’s approval to the end result of Aditya’s hard work was the pat on the back that he had been yearning for. The clock was ticking, and Aditya was eagerly waiting for the client to review & approve his project. Beaming with energy, Aditya was confident about winning the client’s praise on the day of the review.

Aditya, in the presence of the creative director, confidently presented his brand campaign to the client. The client was quick with their review of the campaign strategy presented to them. Much to Aditya’s dismay, the campaign wasn’t received well. He was disheartened by the fact that the client rejected his team’s proposal. All his ideas were turned down & the entire campaign was shelved by the client.

All his efforts had gone down the drain, Aditya was heartbroken by the end of the meeting. The creative director expressed his disgust towards Aditya for not stepping up. Worn out by the rollercoaster ride of a discussion, Aditya could feel something pulling him down. He was demoralised with the way things went down at the client meeting. Discouraged by his superior’s lack of support, Aditya was losing grip on things. He began doubting himself & started losing the will to bounce back from this failure. Nothing seemed to make sense, and there seemed to be no coming back from this for Aditya.

Keeping his emotions aside, an unspirited Aditya picked himself up & called his team to rethink a new strategy. Aditya put up a brave face in front of his team and motivated them to whip up new content & creatives for the client. After a day-long brainstorming session, Aditya’s team drafted a new brand campaign for the client. Post another week of intense hard work, Aditya & his team managed to win the Creative Director’s approval for their newly designed campaign. An exhilarated Aditya heaved a sigh of relief and retreated. Despite winning his senior’s praise, Aditya was wary of the client’s reaction to his revamped campaign. He was still haunted by the horrors of the previous client meeting.

He was nervous about the presentation that his team had prepared for his client. He felt the need to have something to calm himself. He was looking forward to eating something comforting. If there was anything that could calm Aditya’s nerves, then that was his favourite – A piping hot bowl of Khichdi.

“What’s more than comforting than Indian comfort food- Khichdi?” he thought to himself. Before he knew, he was already scrolling through the Indian Khichdi page at Healthie and ordered his favourite Khichdi.

By Anirudh Kacker