Mehtab Singh, business lead & owner of Wear Your Mark leads a healthy lifestyle. His inclination towards leading a healthy lifestyle is a recent phenomenon. It wasn’t until a life-altering conversation that he had with himself that got him to ditch his indisciplined life & completely transform himself. After going through a tough & determined transformation, Mehtab has become a firm believer that Health comes first.

Following is his tale about what got him to overhaul is lifestyle & transform himself.

6 years back, I never had an idea that I will ever be able to attain a body shape and strength as earned now! From nearly 40% body fat to under 15% and a good amount of muscle. Although the story goes back to my school days where being obese was been looked at as a crime. Being a laughing stock for one & all, and having a girlfriend was like a thought out of this galaxy ;). 

One night before bed, I decided that to do something to shut these people up. The next day was beginning of an amazing journey which has become my lifestyle now. Those 5 am runs and gym in the evening along with managing school load was becoming a challenge. But, I knew that I need to be strong and fit so that people around would start taking me seriously. A couple of years went by, a significant gain in strength and physique helped me participate in an Inter-University Powerlifting competition where I deadlifted 202.5 kgs at the age of 20. The gym in my university was outside the campus so I used to walk 4 km each day for the grind! A journey to go down from 110 kgs began.

Replacing the cheesy snacks and cream biscuits with raw eggs & fibrous foods. A 20 minute run in the afternoon before starting my workout really kicked the fat burning process along with the Heavy Lifts. Timely monitored diet was the base of my fitness journey and eating healthy became the most crucial part of my life. No matter what situation you are in, plan your meals for the day. If doubtful, carry them along but never go off track with excuses and having unhealthy stuff as it will bring you back to square one. I never starved myself, its all about moderation and tweaking the diet. Calories burnt should always be more than calories consumed. Therefore, keep a micro and a macro check on what you eat.
Fitness begins in the kitchen, the gym is just a strong agent that enhances the results of eating well. Cheers!!! HAPPY LIFTING FELLAS! 

By Mehtab Singh