Vegan diet is increasingly gaining fame in various parts of the world and for all the
right reasons too. Simply put vegan diet tries to exclude all animal products from
the diet which includes dairy, meats and eggs. This diet comprises of only plant
based products and is devoid of all animal based products. A large group of
people choose this diet to advocate animal rights and ethical concerns but this
diet offers amazing health benefits as well. Here are some of the bright sides of
this diet trend

  • Vegan diets are typically high fiber diets which positively impact your heart
    health and improve the overall digestive system of the body.
  • Vegan diet means that you are saved from diseases transmitted by animals
    like mad cow disease.
  • This diet is shown to reduce allergies and also the frequency of
    communicable flus.
  • Quitting dairy and high fats meats means toned body and easier weight
  • Going vegan significantly reduces the risk of diseases like high cholesterol,
    certain kinds of cancer and is especially beneficial in prevention and
    management of diabetes.
  • Women who follow this diet typically face less PMS symptoms and
    eventually less menopausal symptoms.
  • Consuming only plant based foods results in less body odor, bad breath and
    makes the skin healthier and free from acne.
  • Lower expenditure on meals as plant based products are typically cheaper
    as compared to certain meats.
    But just like every lifestyle, the Vegan lifestyle also comes with certain dark
    sides; here are some issues that you might face if you decide to aboard the
    Vegan ship.
  • It is often hard to eat out when you decide to follow this diet. Many people
    find it hard to find suitable vegan places where they can dine out.
  • A diet that excludes all animal products does have some nutritional
    drawbacks. Maintaining calcium and proteins on a plant based diet can
    become a challenging task for many.
  • The restrictive nature of this diet may promote over eating of sugary,
    processed and high calorie foods which may result is weight gain.

By Saloni Sethi