In our pursuit of finding happiness, we leave no stone un-turned to discover experiences that make us feel alive. We are always on the look out for experiences that leave us asking for more. Always treading new paths to explore, and find the experiences that will thrill us beyond our imagination, and stay with us forever. 

Extraordinary culinary experiences top the list of exploring the best of experiences. And why shouldn’t they? Food is a feeling – a mode of expression for some, and a way of life for many others. Food has the power to take us on a joyride; a bite of our favourite grub can transport us to a very magical place. Food goes straight from the stomach to your heart. The satisfaction derived on gobbling down a well cooked meal is beyond words. A hearty meal cooked with love is romance personified. It’s safe to claim that, like a magician, a cook weaves magic with his/her recipes. It’s sheer joy & ecstasy. This feeling of happiness sets in motion an undercurrent of good health & happiness. A happy soul sets the tone for a healthy mind, and a healthy mind presents us with a positive outlook towards life. Positive energy allows us to bloom to our fullest potential, and shoots up our productivity. It’s safe to claim that we are at our best footing when we have a positive outlook, and are leading a healthy lifestyle.

Much has been spoken about leading a healthy lifestyle, yet there remains a cloud of ambiguity around it. The elephant in the room that needs to be addressed is that no amount of exercise can be supported with an improper diet. A wholesome diet composed of balanced meals is the backbone of a healthy lifestyle. Not to be mistaken as an uninviting habit, healthy eating is a fulfilling experience. And when you are on the look-out for a delightful healthy food experience, then one can depend on to deliver.

India’s leading healthy food delivery start-up, presents a plethora of culinary delights at your doorstep. Healthie meals & beverages have opened a new world for us. a world where meals & beverages are both, nutritious & delicious, and eating healthy is an experience in itself.

The best part about Healthie is that it has a menu that offers your favourite delights with a healthy twist! Food that makes you happy, now healthier & tastier. Don’t take me for my words, see for yourself.

Healthie bhi, Tasty bhi!

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By Anirudh Kacker