“Breaking the overnight fast” is where the most important meal of the day gets its name from! Rightly so. A healthy breakfast gives you the required energy to begin your day on a healthy note. It’s a healthy habit that gives your body the fuel to kickstart your day and lends your body essential nutrients to function efficiently throughout the day.

One must eat breakfast like a King, and not bow down to the untimely food cravings throughout the day.

The only question that arises is,
“How many calories constitute a King’s diet?”

Consultant Nutritionist Dr Rupali Dutta says,”The general thumb rule as far as daily calorie recommendation goes is 1900 calories for women and 2100 calories for men.”

A lion’s share of the daily calorie intake should be directed towards a balanced breakfast. Approximately 500-600 calories should be consumed when the sun rises & the clock ticks closer to your office’s reporting time. A calorie states the amount of energy released when the body digests food. Play around your daily calorie intake with an assortment of nutritious eateries & fresh beverages. Mix it up & add variety to zing up your first meal of the day.

Eat a balanced breakfast to balance your day. A well-balanced breakfast usually constitutes a well-rounded meal of protein-packed food, starchy carbohydrates, good fats, & essential micronutrients. Combine it with the goodness of seasonal fruits and fresh vegetables. Add to the breakfast table – crunchy granola, calcium-rich feta cheese, raw honey, fibre-rich oats, creamy yoghurt, sprouts, chickpeas, quinoa, buckwheat, chia seeds, whole grain bread etc.

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Photo Credits: Yeesha Prakash

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By Anirudh Kacker