Keto. This word (and diet) has taken the world by storm. Everyone, ranging from the awarded Megan Fox to your friendly neighbour, has jumped on to the Keto bandwagon and how!

So what is Keto? Keto gets its name from the ketogenic diet which, in common terms, is a low carb high-fat diet.

So what does a Keto diet do? It switches your body’s energy supply from glucose (which is derived from carbs) to ketones, which come from fat.

Low carb intake results in a process called ketosis, which burns the fat present in your liver to give you energy for your daily activities. The insulin levels in your body drop, making you feel less hungry throughout the day. The keto diet is hence, highly recommended for people who want to lose weight.

Now comes the next step, executing a Keto diet successfully. Unlike most other diets, the Keto diet does not show positive results unless you follow it with complete dedication. 

Altering your food habits to a high fat and low carb diet is much easier said than done. Healthie has come up with an exciting range of bowls based on the Keto diet.

Healthie presents to you its one-of-a-kind Keto Bowls. Each of these bowls is a complete meal in itself.

Perfect for those who wish to consume delicious meals whilst following the Ketogenic diet.

A delicious medley of staple Keto diet ingredients like cauliflower rice, protein-rich chicken, earthy eggplant, sesame-crusted cottage cheese & an assortment of exotic vegetables, Healthie has left no stones unturned in delivering you only the best of Keto.

Photo Credits: Yeesha Prakash

The first of the many, Healthie Keto Bowls, that will certainly bowl you over –

  1.    Sesame Cottage Cheese & Eggplant Keto Bowl

An exotic medley of sesame-crusted cottage cheese blessed with protein & earthy eggplant that is great for digestion as well as nutritious rainbow veggies.

  1. Sesame Chicken & Eggplant Keto Bowl

A delightful medley of sesame-crusted succulent chicken blessed with protein, earthy eggplant that is great for digestion. Served with a tempting assortment of exotic rainbow veggies, this wholesome bowl will surely bowl you over!

  1. Rosemary Tofu & Cauliflower Rice Keto Bowl

A  keto bowl that has nutritious rainbow veggies in a heady, herby white wine sauce. Served with a surprisingly delicious cauliflower fried rice that is low on carbs, yet high on taste!

  1.  Rosemary Chicken & Cauliflower Fried Rice

A  keto bowl that has creamy protein-rich chicken in a heady, herby white wine sauce. Served along with a surprisingly delicious cauliflower fried rice that is low on carbs, yet high on taste!

It’s safe to say that Healthie is bringing the best of good health & taste, right to your doorstep! This is just the beginning of the Keto revolution. Stay tuned for more variants of Healthie Keto Bowls.

Photo Credits: Yeesha Prakash

By Serena Panesar & Anirudh Kacker