A honeydew melon, also known as a honeymelon, is the fruit of one cultivar group of the muskmelonCucumis melo in the gourd family.

Honeydew melon juice is a refreshing drink to have on a hot summer day. Low in calories, it satiates your sweet cravings as it delivers the essential Vitamins like B and C, and minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium iron and zinc.

Mixed with the goodness of lime and basil, this deliciously healthy juice has a refreshing taste.

Cooking Time – 5 mins
Serving – 4 people


  • Honeydew melon -1/4 melon
  • Basil leaves -2 or 3
  • Lime juice- 2 Tsp
  • Honey/sugar as needed
  • Water as needed
Photo Credits: betterbutter


  1. Take honeydew melon slices and basil leaves in a mixer.
  2. Add lime juice and sugar/honey.
  3. Add little water and blend everything together.
  4. Serve chilled or add ice.

By Praba Bubesh