It is an urban myth that losing weight and remaining fit is a costly affair but Keto
dieting doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it is possible to cut out all those
cheap processed foods and replace them with healthy and keto-friendly options
without seeing a substantial increase in your expenses.

Implementing a few of these budgeting techniques and strategies can help you
keep up your keto diet within your budget.

  •  Use special offers, discounts, and sales to guide your meal
    planning– . Rather than planning ahead by focusing on what keto meals
    you’ll make, prioritize the keto-friendly foods and ingredients that are on
    sale instead. Buy important keto ingredients in bulk during a sale


  •  Cut your costs by cutting out a meal – In order to reduce your
    expenses you can decrease your food expenses by following an intermittent
    fasting plan where you skip a meal or two (e.g., only eat dinner or lunch
    and dinner). Replace the bacon and eggs with some coffee or tea to give
    you an extra energy boost and also help you save.


  •  Make your meals at home– Making homemade meals instead of
    eating out is one of the best strategies for increasing your savings and
    improving your health. Avoid the extra costs, calories, and carbs that you’ll
    get from eating from restaurants and your expenses and waistline will


  •  Keep your meals simple– This simple budgeting strategy will help
    you reduce your costs, body fat, and time spent in the kitchen. No need for
    fancy ingredients and over-priced meats. Simplify your low-carb meals by
    combining some cheap cuts of high-quality protein with low-carb
    vegetables and plenty of healthy fats.


  •  Cook in bulk – Plan for leftovers. Cooking a fresh meal for breakfast,
    lunch, and dinner every day will exhaust your budget quickly. You can find
    keto recipes with multiple servings in order to avoid buying many
    ingredients and cooking every day throughout the week. To increase your
    savings, try planning your meals around weekly specials and discounts on
    different keto foods like meat, seafood, high-fat dairy, and low-carb

    By Saloni Sethi