Intermittent Fasting, a regimen that tweaks the hours of eating to small periods has been doing the rounds for quite a while now. A fitness trend that is widely prevalent in the West and is now seeing a number of adherents in India. In Silicon Valley, they call it ‘biohacking’, manipulating the body into a state where it starts releasing beneficial hormones, leading to health and energy.

One such practitioner of this fasting technique has shared his view  on the same with OPEN Magazine

A couple of years ago, Samarth Kagdiyal, a 27-year-old working in a Gurugram startup, got fed up with his friends jibing him about his weight with questions like, ‘Are you pregnant?’ Ideally, he should have been 70 kg but was now 90. Through exercise and diet, Samarth lost 10 kg in two months, but then it wouldn’t come down further. While looking up the internet, he came across Intermittent Fasting and was sceptical because all his life he had been taught to eat three to four times every day and that breakfast was the most important meal. But he decided to try it anyway.

He started having his first meal at 6 or 7 in the evening after returning from work. He would have two more meals up to midnight and then fast until the next evening. He lost 10 kg in one month, which was about double the speed of his earlier weight loss. There were other effects too. His time in office was during the fasting window and he noticed that he was more productive with higher energy levels

Samarth says that for quick results, Intermittent Fasting should be approached as a catalyst over and above a regular fitness regimen. “It helps in increasing the speed of weight loss when you are already doing exercise and following a good diet,” he says.

“Intermittent fasting helps in increasing the speed of weight loss when you are already doing exercise and following a good diet”

The prevailing theory for the body’s response to Intermittent Fasting takes it back to mankind’s hunter-gatherer times. The longer people stayed without food, the more alert they needed to be to hunt or not get killed as prey. The body thus optimised itself under those conditions.

Samarth’s tale elucidates that hard work, dedication and a strict check on your diet is the formula for a tangible transformation that everybody hopes to emaluate.