Running has always been one of the most popular exercises to stay fit
and lose weight. But running offers benefits that far exceed weight
loss; it can help your overall mental and physical wellbeing. Here are
some of the amazing benefits of running everyday

  • Stress Reliever
    Running is an instant stress reliever. A short run can uplift your mood,
    boost your confidence and also aid in issues like hypertension. Exerting
    your body with a good run will further help you get better sleep, which
    will further help in reducing stress. You will find that even short runs
    can leave you feeling more energized, more focused and generally in
    a happier mood.
  •  Prevention of Diseases
    Running can lower the risk of breast cancer in women. It can also help
    in reducing the risk of having a stroke or other cardiovascular diseases.
    Doctors recommend running for people suffering from diabetes, high
    blood pressure, and osteoporosis.
  • Losing Weight
    Running daily is one of the best habits for losing or maintaining
    weight. It is a good way to burn off extra calories and undoubtedly
    one of the most effective exercises in terms of calories burned per
  • Better Brain Performance
    Running raises heart rate and increases flow of oxygen rich blood in the
    body and in the brain. It also improves cognition in brain and leads to
    an increase in brain blood flow to the hippocampus the brain region
    which is affected by Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Improved Sleep Pattern
    A daily morning run can significantly help you in getting a good sleep
    at night. Exercise is known to trigger an increase in body temperature,
    and the post-exercise drop in temperature may promote falling asleep
    faster and improve quality of sleep. Moreover, exercise like running can
    reduce sleeping problems by decreasing anxiety, and depression.
  • Increased Lifespan and Immunity
    Many researchers have proved that people who exercise daily on an average
    live longer than people who adopt a sedentary lifestyle.
    Running also boosts
    the immune system and helps in fighting off 
    infections and chronic diseases
    like high blood pressure.

    By Saloni Sethi