A beloved delicacy all around the globe, prawns are a dietary supplement that is both high on taste & nutrition. This versatile seafood delicacy is a good source of proteins, sodium & unsaturated fats. Devoured by many, there is uncertainty pertaining to the quality of the prawns in the open market. This is where ITC Master Chef steps in with its ‘Super Safe’ Prawns.

ITC Master Chef sources its prawns from India’s long coastline. Fresh prawns are harvested here every day and are scientifically nurtured under the supervision of ITC experts. The prawns are then transported to a state-of-the-art storage facility that adheres to global standards of hygiene. Here, prawns are washed, peeled & deveined, and then graded in different sizes and then sold.

ITC Master Chef prawns are individually quick frozen (IQF) within 15 hours of catch at -18 °C. Unlike block freezing, IQF prevents the prawns from clumping together on thawing. This prevents the delicate prawn meat from bruising. Freezing prawns to temperatures far below zero arrests bio-chemical reactions that result in decay. This ensures freshness & retention of original taste without the use of any flavours or preservatives.

ITC has to put in place 243 Quality tests to ensure that these prawns are super safe. Delighting prawns lovers in 40 countries, including Japan, USA, Australia & EU.

Healthie was founded in August 2017, with a mission to make India healthy. Healthie is one of the fastest growing food companies in the country that offers fresh, wholesome and delicious food. Healthie meals & beverages are super delicious, good for you and prepared fresh with premium and nutritious ingredients. Recipes are carefully crafted keeping in mind the macronutrients and micronutrients required for a healthy balanced diet.

Curating recipes that ensures the right balance between good taste & good health. Healthie’s association with ITC Master Chef Prawns is a testament to the high-quality standards of both. With the use of ITC Masterchef Prawns as the master ingredients of Healthie Bowls, Healthie promises to bowl you over with its deliciously healthy delights!

Dig into this amazing, hearty super bowl that will give you happy vibes in just one bite! Wholesome brown rice, succulent pan-seared ITC Masterchef prawns, crunchy bell peppers and zucchini, fresh mint, tangy olives and toasted almonds are tossed in a lemony, golden olive oil dressing that packs quite a punch. Looks beautiful, tastes even better!

Photo Credits: Yeesha Prakash

ITC Master Chef pan-seared prawns and cauliflower “rice” with a Healthie twist! Dig into this yum keto bowl that has succulent pan-seared ITC Master Chef prawns in a heady, herby white wine sauce. Served with a surprisingly delicious cauliflower fried rice that is low on carbs, yet high on taste!

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By Anirudh Kacker