The classic Indian dish, Khichdi has a fascinating tale to narrate. Wish to trace its roots? Well, buckle up & enjoy the ride, as we unearth the history of this culinary delight.

Khichdi is one of the most contemporary foods of India that has stood the test of time. From a simple assortment of rice, lentils & hint of spices, to a potpourri of scrumptious ingredients with a local spin in almost every corner of the world, Khichdi has come a long way in delighting generations of foodies. .

The name of this nutritious dish has its origins in the Sanskrit word –  khiccā, which translates to a ‘dish made with rice & pulses’.

A wholesome and comforting dish, Khichdi has the right mix of carbs, proteins, fibres, vitamins & other essential nutrients. Apart from detoxifying your body, its ingredients strike the right balance in strengthening your body & calming your mind. No wonder, Khichdi has become the torchbearer of Indian cuisine in the global culinary landscape.  

Not known by many, Khichdi is a staple food of the Ayurvedic diet. It has the ability to balance all the three doshas – Vatta, Pitta and Kapha, making it a tridoshic food. This ancient Indian culinary delight can be traced back to around 1200 BC.

Ibn Battuta, the famous Moroccan traveller, during his visit to India in mid 14th century documented in his tales, his fascination towards the local food. He mentioned a peculiar dish, ‘Kishri’ being prepared and eaten during the day by the locals at that time.

The mighty Mughal empire gave a new lease of life to this rice & lentil assortment. Recipes were passed down, and Khichdi was accorded as supreme status in their imperial menus. History is witness to Akhbar’s tales centring around Khichdi (Remember the story of Birbal using khichdi to make Akbar accept a mistake in judgement?) Jahangir’s role in popularizing Khichdi also finds a few pages in the travel chronicles of Athanasius Nikitin, a Russian merchant who travelled to 14th century India.

During the British colonial era, the variant of Khichdi endorsed by Aurangzeb was adopted by British. They took this recipe back to their country & named it Kedgeree. It can still be found in their local dwellings today.

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By Anirudh Kacker