The Plate’s A Blank Canvas

Eating the same thing everyday has probably left your life a little bland, rather colourless. Nature has embedded colours into food to help you paint a vivid picture for your stomach and make you eat something new and healthy every time you do.

The most exciting benefit of having a colourful plate is that you get to include a variety of items in a single bowl, which means that one can ingest a generous amount of nutrients in one go.

Rainbow To Health

Let us take on each component of a rainbow accompanied by reasons why you need to take the highway of rainbow to health:

  • Blue/Purple Rich in antioxidants and memory boosters. Examples are Blueberries (the king of superfoods), Plums, Eggplants and Purple Cabbage. What paints them blue is Anthocyanin, which gives them the properties mentioned before.


  • Green Due to the presence of iron and protein, Popeye always advised us to consume Apart from Spinach, Broccoli, Lettuce, Kiwi and Cucumbers are an easy guess when it comes to forming a healthy template with greens. *Plus the chlorophyll present in green plants is also a great antioxidant.


  • Yellow/Orange Carotenoid pigments give them the lively colours and these contain high amount of vitamins and minerals.Orange, Pineapples, and Lemons are full of Vitamin C. Another example is Grapefruit, which is also swimming in Vitamin A.


  • Red Red fruits and vegetables such as Strawberries, Tomatoes, Raspberries and Pomegranates contain Lyconpene and Anthocyanin, responsible for their colour as well as lowering the risk of certain types of cancer. Great correlation, we know.Apart from cancer healing, these phytochemicals are also affiliated with lowering cholesterol and improving skin. It is also a fact that Lycopene becomes more potent when tomatoes are cooked and not eaten raw!


  • White White food groups pack Anthoxanthins associated with reducing inflammation, a healthier heart and a stronger immune system.Ingredients such as Cauliflowers, Onions, Potatoes, Mushrooms, Ginger and Garlic are some commonly available examples of the same.

Lettuce Eat!

The easiest example of colourful food is a simple bowl of salad. A salad bowl usually incorporates maximum bands of colours, making it a wholesome option for eating healthy.

We recommend that you try Healthie Protein Bowls, which are fulfilling medleys of Chickpeas, Purple Cabbage, Baby Spinach, Broccoli & Grilled Chicken topped with a glowing Fried Egg. High in proteins, and low on calories, this sunshine of a dish is our go-to dish whenever we wish to fill up on a rainbow!


By Karan Khanna