The air quality index for Delhi has been at an all-time high ever since Diwali. The quality of the capital’s air has continuously been very poor and hazardous from weeks. While deteriorating air quality poses serious health risk to all, often elderly people, children, people with low immunity and specially respiratory diseases like Asthma and bronchitis are severely affected by rising levels of air pollution.

While the government and people try to battle this problem together, here are a few tips to stay safe and protect ourselves as well as their family from the ill effects of air pollution.

  • No Morning Walk

While morning walks and exercising outdoors early morning is considered an ideal practice for good health, it is not a good idea in the hazardous air of Delhi. There is a possibility of that tiny hazardous particle called SPM can enter our lungs. It’s a better idea to do workout inside our homes.

  • Drink More Water

Try to stay hydrated as much as you can because drinking water will not only flush out toxins inhaled in the polluted environment but will also be beneficial for your skin and eyes.

  • Plant Indoor Plants

A few varieties of indoor plants can considerably improve the overall air quality index inside your home. Household plant varieties of plants like Golden Pothos, Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema), Spider plants are well known for their ability to purify air. These plants do not take much space and are fairly easy to maintain.

  • Wear Masks While stepping out

Don’t forget to buy a good quality ISI marked pollution mask and put it on whenever you go out in the Delhi air. It may not completely stop the damage but it is beneficial in avoiding the intake of SPM.

  • Watch What you Eat

Consuming the right food is one of the key things during this time. To keep yourself healthy and boost immunity, include healthy items like gooseberries, flaxseed oil, vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables, honey, garlic, neem, green tea, oatmeal, carrot juice, oranges etc. in your daily diet.