A keto lifestyle can seem like a dream come true. Benefits of Keto diet range
from weight loss to cancer prevention, but it emphasizes high-fat and
protein-rich foods. It is extremely crucial to be mindful of your snacking
options when you are following this diet. Unhealthy snacks like fries or
sugary drinks can push your body out of ketosis and thus ruin your efforts.
But you can rely on these keto diet snacks when you find yourself hungry
between meals.

  • Avocado Deviled Eggs
    These deviled eggs, rely on benefit-rich avocado to get creamy texture
    without unnecessary ingredients like mayonnaise. With seasonings like
    cumin and chili powder along with fresh cilantro, you’ll love taking these on
    the go.
  •  Cheese Meatballs
    Made with fresh cheese and grass-fed beef, these seasoned meatballs are a
    delicious keto snack, as they taste great warm and at room temperature, or
    can be added to a bed of leafy greens for a more substantial keto meal.
  •  Goat Cheese & Artichoke Dip
    This dip is a good excuse to add more artichoke to your daily diet. It’s made
    with canned artichoke hearts, goat cheese and olive oil but what really
    makes it special is the array of herbs and seasonings, like chives, basil and
    fresh lemon juice. Use this as a dip for veggies for a zero-carb snack.
  •  Keto Banana Walnut Bread
    The ingredients in this amazing dish are simple: bananas (not too ripe),
    almond flour, walnuts, eggs, olive oil and baking soda. But you’ll be
    impressed by the scrumptious loaf that comes out of your oven. A warm
    slice of this with a pat of grass-fed butter makes a tasty keto snack or even
    breakfast if paired with a hot mug of black coffee.
  •  Low-Carb Cheese Crackers
    These cheesy, crunchy crackers are perfect for snacking when you’re on the
    run. They’re seasoned with rosemary and made with a mix of almond flour
    and cheese. You can also pair them with artichoke dip for a truly flavorsome
  •  Paleo Brownies
    Dessert on a diet you ask? Yes you heard it right. These are made with coconut
    oil and arrowroot starch — no grains allowed. Just substitute a little stevia
    for the maple sugar in this one. The brownies that come out are still

    By Saloni sethi