Temperature’s rising and everyone is looking forward to longer and lazier days of summer. While summer may be of some relief from chilly days, it may also bring along various health problems like dehydration, upset stomach, bacterial infections and heat stroke. It is imperative to make sure you are eating the right foods and exercising the right way to fitness and health. Restore and replenish your skin and physical health in this summer by following these simple things.

  • Grab seasonal fruits and vegetables: Consuming seasonal foods have their own charm and health benefits. Always picks freshly harvested foods to extract best benefits they have to offer. Load up on mangoes, plums, tomatoes, berries, watermelon, oranges, celery, etc.
  • Keep yourself hydrated: Drinking water is extremely important as it help rehydrate your body and helps it function better. Make sure you gulp down 8-10 glasses of water and ensure a well hydrated body. Do not drink extremely chilled water as it will only wreak havoc on your health.
  • Downsize your mealIt takes longer for the stomach to digest food plus the hot weather does not allow you to load up on too many foods. It is good to have lighter meals rather than having heavy ones, especially at night.
  • Eat more cooling foods: Load up on more body cooling foods and more hydrating foods that will help your keep going in this heat. Eat more watermelon, sesame, coconut water, cucumber, mint, fennel seeds, etc.
  • Hygiene is the key to a healthy body: Make sure whatever you eat or drink on is clean and hygienic. You are prone to get bacterial infections from the utensils in restaurants and even at home. Always ensure they are clean and always wash your hands before eating. Avoid drinking water which is not properly filtered.
  • Binge on lighter snacks:  Move over fried snacks that you enjoyed during winters; it is time to load up on lighter snack options like nuts, trail mixes, seeds, fruits . These snacks are relatively easy to digest and benefit you in scorching summers.

By Saloni Sethi