Our dynamic lifestyle has gotten perpetually engaged in activities that require strenuous mental and/or physical labour. Our frenzied daily routine has made it difficult to take stock of our daily routine. This has made us negligent towards a majority of our basic necessities, vital to our body’s smooth functioning.

One of the most basic necessities neglected is eating healthy. Our eating habits have, unfortunately, taken a hit on account of our hectic lifestyle. And, this is an alarming situation. One should be wary of the fact that our diet constitutes 80% of our mental & physical health. As is said, you are what you eat!

Thus, it’s imperative that we keep a close check on our diet. An immediate overhaul of your daily diet is not the solution, rather taking small & constructive steps towards the greater goal is. This, fortunately, is not an uphill task. All it requires is consistency, discipline & dedication. Switching to healthier alternatives in your daily dietary supplements is the easiest place, to begin with.

We are all guilty of devouring in the pleasure of mid-meal snacking. munching on a biscuit with your daily cup of tea, or that packet of chips you ended up ‘trying for the nth time’. Even the occasional munching on the chocolate your had for some sugar rush during the day counts here. Let’s not forget the daily “I’ll have just one bite of that” and then losing count on the actual no. of bites you ended up having of the various processed food items. Careless snacking is a dangerous practice that can contribute to the development of a range of health problems.

A positive change in your health can simply be brought about by replacing these snacking items with their healthier alternatives. Mindful snacking or eating a nutritious, properly-portioned snack when hunger strikes boost your intake of essential nutrients and health-promoting food substances. Snacks based on superfoods like quinoa, oats, amaranth, berries, legumes, nuts & seeds, eggs, prunes, sprouts, whole grain flakes, wheat germs, yogurt, peanut butter, activated charcoal and the likes.

So, what are you waiting for? Switch to healthy snacking today!


By Anirudh Kacker