At times we just can’t see what’s right in front of us. It’s only after stumbling upon various pit stops on our journey that we reach our destination. Like many of us, Tanya Rawal. A free spirit, having unshackled herself from the chains of monotony, found her calling in preaching the power of Yoga.

A legal counsel by profession, Tanya was playing her cards right. Afterall,  that’s what is expected out of a Law student – Work a comfortable 9-5 job with a decent pay & fight legal battles for corporate joints. Sooner than later, boredom and a sense of uncertainty prevailed. Practising law for a couple of years in Banglore, she took a sabbatical for almost half a year. This gave her the opportunity to introspect and to chalk out her life with a purpose. After months of deliberation, watching Ted Talk sessions & reading countless self-help books

Continuing her journey, destiny brought her to Delhi. It was here that her fondness for yoga took the centre stage. Tanya signed up for Yoga classes and realized that the yoga asanas that she performed were not simply to improve her flexibility but aimed towards all-rounded growth. It was at this stage in life that she realised that there’s more to Yoga. She realized that Yoga is a way of life, like an entire universe itself. Yoga’s biggest gift to her was the concepts of mindfulness and self-acceptance.

Tanya got so immersed in Yoga that she took a leap of faith and overhauled her career path altogether. From the confines of her cubicle, emerged a free spirit, channelising her energy in spreading positivity around via Yoga. Qualified as a Hatha Yoga teacher from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram, Kerala, Tanya gained mammoth experience in conducting corporate workshops, individual and group classes. There just was no looking back for her. The bedrock of her classes is formed on the idea of a safe, secure, and mindful practice of yoga. Her forte lies in working with the differently abled, and people of diverse body types and fitness levels. She firmly believes that yoga is for everyone and her aim is to facilitate as many people as possible to reap the benefits of yoga beyond physical well-being. She guides them in moving towards a more wholesome mental and self-aware existence.

Tanya took a leap of faith by taking a life-altering decision by ditching her comfortable job and following her passion. She decided to do something that she truly believed in. Over time, Yoga turned from a hobby to a way of life and transformed her. Tanya got drawn towards Yoga because it resonates with her core beliefs and values. Yoga preaches the ideologies of self-acceptance, compassion, simplicity and all-rounded wellness.

Tanya in her natural element!

A pictorial representation of her decision paints a self-explanatory picture.

By Anirudh Kacker