The party season has just ended and the New Year has gotten us all pumped up, most of us have decided to have our dream body in 2020. This means we will have to finally shed those extra kilos or make major changes in our daily regime to get fitter.  While this drastic routine or diet may work fine for a few days, for many of us it is very hard to maintain in our daily working life. So here are 5 tips to remain healthy and fit this New Year without going crazy about it.

1 No Distracted Eating

While this may seem like an insignificant change but it truly does make a difference. Munching on unhealthy snacks, while on Netflix or watching television is a greater evil than it appears on the surface. Practice mindful eating in the 2020. Try to have your meals without any distraction so that your mind and body can completely register your food and provide maximum benefit.

2 Quit Processed Sugars

If you can make one change in your life that will improve your overall health and fitness it would to finally quit processed sugar totally and completely from your diet. This means no cookies, candies Chocolates or ice creams. Use healthier alternatives like stevia, honey and khand in homemade food. Try to refrain yourself from packaged foods which are often loaded with artificial sugars.

3 Early and Light dinner

Most of us eat lavishly during the night and retire to sleep right afterwards. This is almost a sure shot way to gain weight and invite other problems like blood pressure, cholesterol etc. Make a habit of having your dinner as early as possible and choose light meal options like salads, soups, khichdi or warm milk. Make it a vow to consume nothing after 7pm as our metabolism slows down in the night.

4 Healthy and Filling Breakfasts

It is crucial to have a healthy and filling breakfast to gain energy and avoid overeating later in the day. Oats, muesli, smoothies, multigrain toasts with peanut butter are some good and easy to grab breakfast options that can boost your health significantly with minimal effort.

5 Sleep Right

One of the most important factor deciding your wellbeing and health is how and for how long you sleep in a day. Try to get 6-8 hours of quality sleep each day. It will make you mentally and physically active throughout your day.