Change is the only constant. And a healthy change is what you should be aiming for! One such healthy change is that of a change is adopting a dietary change. So, while you are at it, why not switch to a Ketogenic diet?

Adapting to the Keto diet can be a hard task, but certainly not an impossible one. Just like with any major dietary change, it requires dedication & patience.

Going on a Keto diet isn’t easy,
but having Healthie deliver its Keto Bowls to you makes it a breezy affair!

The most important step of starting a Keto diet is transitioning from regular food to Keto friendly food. Considering our fast-paced lives where we don’t have time to cook regular food, let alone food suitable for the Keto diet, it’s best to rely on experts. This is where Healthie steps in.

A team of experienced chefs  & nutritionists have devised 4 unique Keto Bowls. These deliciously healthy bowls perfectly balance the nutritional requirements of the human body with efficient functioning and the low carb count required by the Keto diet.

Having effectively substituted high carb meal essentials like bread & rice with cauliflower rice, which is high in nutrient value and can fill you up while maintaining a low carb count. While on a Keto diet, it’s important to have protein with every meal. The Cauliflower Rice & Chicken Keto Bowl from Healthie perfectly encapsulates taste and health. The creamy chicken and crunchy cauliflower rice make for a winning flavour combination! The Chicken & Eggplant Keto Bowl is a wonderful blend of flavours, with a serving of veggies that make sure your meal is well balanced. The Cottage Cheese & Eggplant Keto Bowl is another one of Healthie’s appetising creations. The Sesame crusted Cottage Cheese Keto Bowl is high in protein &flavour. The eggplant & vegetables maintain the low carb count while keeping the Keto Bowl savoury.

For days when you need a simple meal and one that’s Keto diet friendly. The Creamy Veggies with Cauliflower Fried Rice Keto Bowl from Healthie is your best bet. The cauliflower fried rice tastes fresh and herby and the veggies add a natural dimension to the taste palette, making it absolutely scrumptious and very healthy!

Photo Credits: Yeesha Prakash

Make a healthy choice today &Switch to Keto Diet. Live the Healthie life!

By Serena Panesar