At Healthie, we believe that ‘snacking’ is a good word. Science says a little nibble between meals can help improve cognitive functions, increase energy levels and make you happy! And if health & happiness is what you seek then look no further.

Unbox Healthie snack box and munch on our No Artificial Anything snacking options. Treat your tastebuds to a wide range of guilt-free snacking options – Healthie bombs, natural bars, makhana pops, sunflower seeds, carrot bits and beetroot bits.

Inspired by nature, we’re here to add a little (lots, actually) flavour to your daily munching. Take a bite of nature with Healthie¬†Natural Snacks. We use only fresh ingredients, real flavours and no artificial anything in all our products.
We know our superfoods, we’ve stuck to our roots, and our sleeves wear the colours of nature.

We do delicious, we do nutritious, and we do everything in between. Healthie Snack Box will be there for you when(ever) hunger strikes, we will be there when good health is on your mind. Ready to go whenever and wherever you are, our snacks are all about eating clean and basking in nature’s bounty. Crafted for you, munching on Healthie sacks is a delightful way to keep your hunger pangs at bay!

#SpreadHealthieVibes and Unbox good health with Healthie Snack Box!


By Anirudh Kacker