As the saying goes, “There is light at the end of the tunnel!” On a similar tone, it’s safe to say that a healthy lifestyle can stem from an unhealthy lifestyle. Wonder how?

This tale is inspired by a hard-working professional whose life took an unpleasant turn. The turn of events was received with an inspiring course correction by Deepthi.

A person who found order within chaos, and chose to take the courageous path with utmost dedication. This tale is about Deepthi, a hard-working professional who lead a life that took everything out of her. For someone who believed in finding a passion and letting it kill her, she was leaving no stone unturned. A hard worker, dedicated employee & an eager learner, Deepthi was living life by her rules. Or that’s what she thought.

Burning the midnight oil at work & working hard to keep a check on the deadlines, Deepthi wasn’t living the healthiest life. Erratic working hours and untimely eating habits were a regular feature of her daily routine. Skipping breakfast and surviving on black coffee & packaged food to get maximum output wasn’t doing her any good. Her daily battle against the clock, to reach office at 9 a.m meant that she had to compromise on a fresh start to the day. Having succumbed to peer pressure, she was also indulging in habits that were harming her health, beyond repair. Working closely with people who were chain smokers, allured her into falling into the same trap. To add fuel to fire, an already exhausted Deepthi could never take out time for any physical exercise in her daily routine.

One fateful day, Deepthi woke up with a striking pain in her chest. Terrorised, Deepthi immediately shouted to her roommate to take her to the nearest hospital. Her room-mate rushed her to the hospital, where the doctor ran tests on Deepthi. Post a thorough medical check-up & assessment, the doctor informed Deepthi that she had suffered a mild cardiac arrest. She was scared to death & sensed an urgent need to mend her ways.     

Driven by the urge to improve her health, Deepthi decided to take stock of her life & make necessary amends. Against all odds, she believed in herself and chose to take the Healthie path. Motivated to right her wrongs, she course corrected. She decided to commit herself to a healthy lifestyle

Taking baby steps, she began her day by waking up earlier than usual and then heading out to the park for a run. She gradually began mixing body-weight exercises with the daily sprint in her daily workout. Post a refreshing run, she would treat herself to a filling breakfast & milk before heading out to work. At the office, Deepthi began taking the stairs instead of the elevator, switched from black coffee to green tea and from packaged food to fruit bowls. Her water intake also increased, along with reduced intake of sugar & carbs. She took a timely call of kicking the butt and switched to a fruit instead.

An evolved version of Deepthi, with a new lease of life, began looking at life with a broader perspective. Leading a healthier lifestyle allowed her to live a higher quality of life.

Also an avid reader, Deepthi took out time to read books, for the joy of reading. Her quest to discover more about human psychology had remained unfulfilled for a while now. But things seem to have changed for her, for the better. She even managed to purchase a copy of the bestseller that she had been meaning to read for a long time now. She found peace in the new lifestyle that she had now adopted.

Deepthi’s tale elucidates that there is always a ray of hope for those looking for it! Deepthi found positivity all around her. All that was required of her was taking small but significant steps that brought her closer towards a healthy lifestyle.

By Anirudh Kacker