People are highly intrigued by the keto diet as it helps in rapid weight loss. The keto diet is a
high-fat, moderate protein, and very low-carb way of eating that induces a state of ketosis.
Ketosis is basically a metabolic process that forces your body to burn fat for energy instead
of glucose – by restricting the amount of glucose available to your body. So in order to reach
ketosis, you may need to avoid all those food items which are high in carbs and contain a lot
of sugar and starch.

Does that mean fruits are forbidden too on a keto diet as they are fully packed with sugar
(primarily the simple sugars, glucose, and fructose)? Well, not exactly! No doubt, sugar is
the carbohydrate which needs to be restricted on a ketogenic diet. And consuming too many
carbohydrate-rich fruits can bring you out of ketosis and slow down the body’s fat burning
process. But if you are a fruit lover and want to add fruits to your meal plan, choose wisely!
The key is to keep a track of your net carbs for the day, and do not exceed your daily
allowance. It all depends upon how you want to allocate your carbs. To stay in ketosis,
restrict your carb consumption to about 25-30 grams of net carbs per day (or less than 50
grams of total carbs per day).

Fruits are a nutritious and essential part of any balanced diet. But when you are following a
keto diet, learn to differentiate between high-carb fruits and low carb fruits. Eat high fiber
fruits that aren’t so sweet but are tart or savory as they tend to have much smaller amounts
of natural sugar. Make sure to avoid any medium and large sized fruits as they tend to have
too many sugars for ketosis.

Here is a list of keto-friendly fruits with their net carbs (total carbs – fiber) per 100g:

Avocados– About half a medium avocado contains 1.84 grams.
Strawberries– 5.6 grams in about 3/4 cup of whole strawberries.
Raspberries– 5.44 grams in about 3/4 cup.
Blackberries– 4.90 grams in about 3/4 cup.
Coconut– About 1 cup of shredded coconut meat provides 6.23 grams.
Tomato– One small vine tomato contains 2.69 grams.
Lemons– 6.52 grams in about 2 lemons.
Kiwi– 11.66 grams in about 1 1/2 kiwis.
Apricot– About 3 pitted apricots contain 9.12 grams.
Plums– 10.02 grams in about 1 1/2 plums
Peach– About 3/4 small peach provides 8.40 grams.
Cantaloupe– 7.90 grams in about 7 cantaloupe balls

Star fruits– About one medium star fruit provides 3.93 grams.
Watermelon– About 8 watermelon balls contain 7.15 grams.

Next time, don’t stress out while indulging your sweet tooth with nature’s candy. After all, fruit
is still a much better choice than other processed carb sources, like a muffin or cakes. Enjoy
in moderation!

By Dr. Seema Nanda

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