A techie by profession, and a footballer by passion, Shivam Jainer has always looked to play football as an escape from reality. Having spent almost a year in the corporate sector as a tech graduate, Shivam has become a victim of the monotony of the 9 to 5 routine. Playing football has helped him sail through life, and has added layers to his personality.

Shivam’s fascination for the sport began at a very early stage in his life. He was in junior school when he was introduced to the game. Initially, an ice-breaker with the guys in his locality, a game of football was the only social interaction that he had. Playing football with people almost double his age was Shivam’s way of making a headway in the local social group was an unusual one. His obsession for the sport sky-rocketed post following the game on T.V. Playing football daily with his frenzied obsession for the game made him a player to watch out for! 

Getting spotted by the football team coach of his college in Delhi, Shivam was offered an opportunity to play for the coaches’ own team. Having secured a berth in the playing 11 of the club in Div A (in 2014) was nothing short of a dream come true for him. From there on, his superior performance on the field won him acknowledgment & everyone’s laurels. After a fruitful year on the field, Shivam decided to take things to the next level.

Next year, he signed himself up for League Football Club trials whilst bunking classes in college. He sealed himself a place in Goodwill FCHe played professionally under a contract for six months. His consistent performance & team spirit earned him a membership renewal at the Club. He played the next year, as a senior member of the team in 2016. His undying love for the sport and team spirit earned him his team mate’s respect and instilled in him a sense of pride. 

Shivam in his natural element

Cut to 2018, Shivam’s football fantasy has undergone a sea change. Now, owing to work, he is unable to devote all the time that he earlier could but that hasn’t stopped him from following his passion. So he takes out time during the weekends, plays in the weekly Sunday league matches, and the one-odd matches after work. He tries his best to stay in touch with his skills by sneaking in a few training sessions. Shivam still remembers the day when he had to choose between football & engineering. Even though he chose a career in the field of engineering, he can still be spotted kicking the ball from the midfield to the opposition’s goal post.


By Anirudh Kacker