Keeping up with the keto diet is hard. With very limited options and strict
restrictions snacking on keto could be a hard task for many. This is why it is best
to have some amazing keto snacks on hand when hunger hits and your willpower
is low. They are useful in keeping you on track while providing you with an extra
fat-filled energy boost.

Here is a list of some nutritious and easily available snacks which provide you with
a delicious way to fit more fats into your keto diet.

  •  Avocados – This is one of the best keto snacks if you need more fat
    without so much extra protein. Just add a little salt and pepper or mash it
    up with some mayonnaise or butter and you’ll be all set to snack.


  •  Olives – Being a good source of fat and fiber with minimal carbs and
    protein, olives are one of the best ready-to-eat keto snacks. Just pick your
    favorites from an olive bar or get a jar from the store. However, make sure
    to avoid any products that have added oils or carb-ridden ingredients.


  •  Pork Rinds– When you crave something crunchy and salty, have these
    instead of carb-rich crackers or chips. Many products are low quality and
    fried with unhealthy oils, so stick with pork rinds that are made with the
    simplest ingredients like pork rinds and salt.


  •  Macadamia Nuts – Macadamias have high amounts of
    monounsaturated fat and minimal omega-6 content. Be careful with them
    though! They can be surprisingly easy to overeat. Look for raw macadamia
    nuts in small packages.


  •  Keto-Friendly Dark Chocolate– Choose non-sweetened chocolates
    with stevia or another low carb sweetener, make sure it’s at least 80%
    cocoa content or higher, as the carbs can add up quickly.


  •  Pepperoni Slices – Prefer organic and hormone-free pepperoni without
    any added unhealthy preservatives. These go great when paired with high-
    fat cheese.


  •  High-Fat Cheeses – Although hard cheeses make for a great keto snack,
    they aren’t the best cheese for increasing your fat intake while minimizing
    protein. The highest fat cheeses that can serve as great high-fat, low-
    protein snacks are mascarpone cheese and cream cheese.

By Saloni Sethi