History celebrates the ones who bounced back and transformed themselves. People like Gayathri Sitaraman are a force to reckon with.

Inspiring tales have been narrated, of people who achieved the unachievable!

One such tale is that of Gayathri Sitaraman. Sharing with everyone, she narrates her tale.

A question that she has been bombarded all the time – What’s her secret? Following is Gayathri recounting the tale that changed her life, for the better.

People often ask me this when I tell them I lost 33 kilos in a year. And like all success stories, I just say: There’s no secret, it’s just diet and exercise. But I often leave one part of the secret out. Know what that is? Dedication. Consistency. Hard work. Doing the same thing day in and day out, even if you’re tired, you’re busy, you’re bored, you’re done – it doesn’t matter. You just do it!

Gayathri’s Transformation Tale

My transformation journey started quite early. I started gaining weight when I was 7. I went through school, puberty, college, jobs, all as a fat kid. I was tired of hearing random advice from random “well-wishers” which included neighbours, relatives, family friends, auto drivers, tailors, doctors and others – for nearly 20 years! 2016 was the year that broke the (overweight) camel’s back – death of a loved one, tons of heartbreak, health problems (PCOD + fatty liver) rejection in all forms, unhappiness in life, loneliness and depression took a toll on me and I decided to do something drastic. Drastically good.

So, I shifted gears and decided to hit the gym. A combination of heavy weight lifting focusing on compound movements like squats, deadlifts and more, along with cardio for endurance and stamina, was what worked for me! I never went on a diet, per se, but I did alter my food habits completely. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change, after all!

Samosas, pizzas, fries, alcohol, soft drinks – they used to be a part of my daily diet and they’re now indulgences!

I also decided to spend some time with family. As I got happier and felt more loved, I suddenly made the decision to take charge of my life. I joined a gym, discovered happiness in heavy dumbells, loaded bars and sweat, and that’s that! A realization that took 20 years, 106 kilos and a million fails. But here I am now, looking forward…and the future has never seemed brighter!

By Gayathri Sitaraman