The season of cool breeze, warm sweaters and snow is here and while this season brings relief from scorching summer heat it is crucial to keep yourself warm and cozy with the right food. We often feel sleepy and lethargic during winters due to our slowing metabolism which tries to save energy and keep us warm. But with the right food you can feel energized in the winter and also fight against all cold borne diseases.

  • Dry Fruits

The most obvious addition the winter comfort food lists are dry fruits like cashews, almonds, raisins, walnuts etc. They help generate heat in the body and are also in beneficial in Anaemia or iron deficiency. Include generous servings of mixed dry fruits in your breakfast with warm milk to garner the maximum nutrition.

  • Ginger

Research shows that ginger is full of thermogenic properties which provide warmth to the body. It also aides in boosting metabolism and promoting blood flow. Adding ginger in your morning tea will help you battle all winter blues.

  • Sesame Seeds

These seeds are also loaded with iron and calcium content which strengthen the bones and muscles and are excellent to keep us energized and warm. Many traditional winter desserts like Ladoos and Pinis have sesame seeds are an ingredient. Alternatively we can also use sesame seed oil for cooking to maintain our body temperature.

  • Winter Vegetables

Winter vegetables like radishes, turnips, carrots and sweet potatoes. These vegetables keep the body warm as their digestion is slower which generates more heat. Consume these vegetables in salads, soups and stews to remain healthy in the winter season.

  • Honey

The warm nature of honey is helpful in keeping the body warm during winters. Honey is also good for keeping cold, cough and flu at bay as it strengthens the immune system. Honey is also good for keeping cold, cough and flu at bay as it strengthens the immune system. You can add honey to herbal teas or milk and also use it as a substitute for sugar in most desserts to make them healthier.