Corporate jobs may boast fancy salaries, a gazillion perquisites and also allow you to flaunt their massive brand names, but it is an undeniable reality that startups provide an unmatchable learning experience.

For the risk-averse, a startup may not be the way to go as they might seek a comfortable and stable career with no hitches or glitches, but for the risk lovers, it’s absolute ecstasy.

Here are some fundamental areas where a startup differentiates itself from a big organization.

  1. Get in the Game: Smaller but stronger, startups provide an insane level of decentralization of work due to their compact size. So hold on to your nerves when you get to work directly with the founders and other major stakeholders.
  2. Multitaskers Only Please: Needless to say, a startup runs on multitasking. An environment which thrives with people eager to shift their roles within a split second to take up new tasks on priority. Saying ‘NO’ is often not an option, and that’s how real growth happens!
  3. Mix & Match:  A marketing person collaborating with finance, or a tech person working with the operations team, all permutations are made possible within the startup where collaboration is the name of the game.
  4. In it, Together: “I know everyone who works at my place.” – Only someone who works at a startup can say this. Startups give birth to strong interpersonal relationships among employees due to the ever frequent interactions and collaborative efforts of the strongly bound teams.
  5. The sky is the Limit: One minute you might be working as an associate and the other you might see yourself managing the team. The scope of growth is endless, especially if the startup takes off and everyone involved in the cause receives a major career boost.
  6. Learn Learn Learn!: “That’s enough.” – you would probably never hear these words in a startup. Since there is always scope for growth, people keep acquiring new skills to accommodate the ever-shifting needs of the company and in turn find themselves equipped with several high-value professional skills.

In the age of globalization, more jobs are being outsourced in developing nations like India. While it may be a boon for the unemployed population but a large number of the employed population finds itself dissatisfied with the repetitive nature of such jobs. But thankfully, the expanding startup culture in the country helps the youth take up work in startups. A convincing proposition, but not for everyone.

ASK yourself the following questions to know if you fit in a startup work culture:

  • Do I prefer having clearly defined job roles?
  • Do I prefer having a stable job without everyday surprises?
  • Do I prefer a brand name over the quality of work?
  • Do I prefer to stay in your comfort zone at work?
  • Do I prefer minimum interaction with colleagues?

If you have answered all the above questions as ‘YES’, unfortunately, startups might NOT be your thing. But in the other case, you might find yourself growing better in a startup than in a big corporate house.

Go ahead and explore the options that suit you best.

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By Shubham Sethi