Exercising has been the most popular gateway to weight loss and toned body but
recently Keto diet has rapidly gained fame as a successful diet regime that
guarantees rapid weight loss and overall good health. So what wonders can
happen if we combine the two? The good news for keto-dieters is that ketosis
can make your workouts more effective.

Combining exercise with keto diet can be a tricky business but if done
properly it can lead to amazing progress in very little time. It is crucial to
understand that during keto diet our carbohydrate intake is limited so
naturally our body has practically no glucose to utilize for energy
production while we exercise. This means that ketogenic diet can limit
your performance during high-intensity activities like High-intensity
interval training or circuit training or playing sports like soccer, rugby
and basketball which provide relatively less rest and require high

It is recommended that beginners on keto diet should supplement
Low-impact workouts with their diet so that their body gets time to
adjust to the new fuel source which is fat. These workouts could be a
combination of mild cardio and weights or something as simple as a
walk at medium pace.

Here are the top 3 exercises you can do while you’re transitioning to

  • Lighter Cardio – Some aerobic exercises are great for keto beginners, provided you
    keep them low-intensity these exercises are great for easing into keto while
    Hiking, Swimming, Biking and Rowing can also be tried.
  • Resistance Training- An easy, high-rep low-weight lifting program tends to work
    best for keto beginners because consuming adequate protein and ketone
    consumption aids in building strength.
  • Flexibility and Balancing – incorporating balance and flexibility into your workout
    routine will not only help to prevent injury but also improve range of motion, and
    activate your core body strength. You can experiment with Yoga, Pilates, and
    Gymnastics etc. and then decide what works best for you.

By Saloni Sethi